I am a Montreal-based artist, composer, sound designer, educator, and researcher.

My solo and collaborative projects include: multichannel sound installations; compositions made from data sonification; interactive geolocated soundscapes and narratives for mobile apps; music made from found-sounds and field-recordings; live audio performances; place-based soundtracks for public transit; kinaesthetic and vibrational multisensory installations; and compositions spanning genres from acoustic singer-songwriter to instrumental post rock to ambient and experimental to electronic dance music.

My work explores issues of space and place, technology, and human relationships with the world, delving into recurring themes of stability and change, fragmentation and wholeness, health and illness, and co-emergence of phenomena.

Feel free to get in touch at samuel_thulin[at]yahoo.ca

For scholarly publications please visit: https://concordia.academia.edu/SamuelThulin


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