100 days of diabetic data converted to vibrations

Hemo-resonance #1 explores data representation and the quantified self in relation to Type 1 diabetes. The work turns my blood glucose readings and insulin injection amounts from a 100 day period into resonances for visitors to feel through interactions with vibrational media. Building on data visualization and sonification, I propose the concept and practice of “data resonance”. In Hemo-resonance #1 two vibrotactile devices are presented for visitors to touch – one vibrates in response to my blood sugar measurements, the other in response to the amount of insulin I injected based on each of those blood sugar measurements. In the accompanying, synchronized video the same vibrations are applied to a table on which the test strips I used in the 100 days are laid. Resonances in the table cause the hundreds of small black and white strips to continually shift position, creating fleeting patterns. The work juxtaposes vibratory sensations with the constant search for patterns through data collection.

Year: 2018

Role: Artist