R&D residency at the SAT’s Metalab, exploring data-driven music and spatialized sound using my own blood sugar data

Sweet Immersion is an immersive audio exploration created from the data I collect on a daily basis as a Type 1 diabetic. This data drives the sonorities and musical progression of the piece on multiple levels, ranging from the micro time scale to macro structural development. Field-recordings I made while testing my blood sugar are granulated according to the blood sugar levels, while synthesized tones are also created from these numbers through wavetable synthesis. Each blood sugar number is converted to a rhythm. The spatialization and movement of sounds in space is entirely driven by the data. The result is a “sonification” that is systematic but not scientifically rational. Moving outside of the usual biomedical orientation to health data, the installation attempts to convey the interwoven, non-linear temporalities of a body and to invite listeners to explore the resultant metabolic sonic space.

This project makes use of the Metalab’s Audiodice (twelve-sided speakers) and Spatial Audio Toolkit for Immersive Environments (SATIE).



Year: 2022

Role: Artist/Composer