Performance of music made from and with windows

In Window Music 1 & 2, I take the window as sound source, resonating membrane, and performance instrument. The first piece is an improvisation exploring feedback loops created by pressing contact microphones and tactile transducers to the glass of multiple windows. The results are eerie, unpredictable frequencies that emanate from the surface of the window, both inside and outside the building. The second piece is more composed, working with a variety of pre-recorded sounds I made by interacting with windows in various ways. The composition uses tactile transducers connected to windows as its only means of sound diffusion.

I view Window Music 1 & 2 as audio-visual works, where the transparency of the resonating surface of the window allows the audience to see activity in the street outside as a composed or improvised accompaniment to the sound work – and vice versa.

I created these two compositions for the 24 gauche series, curated by Magali Babin and hosted at Espace Projet.

Year: 2013

Role: Artist/Composer