Sound-recordings from afar transformed into music

I created this suite of three compositions exclusively using sounds I found on the sound-maps of three different sound-sharing platforms: Freesound, Radio Aporee, and Audioboo. For each composition, I selected an audio file that was geo-located somewhere I had never visited. Then I used that file as the only sonic material to create the corresponding musical composition; I edited and processed the original audio file extensively, but no other sounds were used. I corresponded with the contributors of the original audio files through e-mail and I sent them each the composition I made using their file. I also asked the contributors where they thought the composition should go on a map, to which I received a variety of responses highlighting the relationships between places (such as where the sound was recorded, and where I worked with the sound in Montreal). This project aimed to explore the complexities of these relationships and the way sounds circulate, are transformed and re-mixed, taking on different associations with multiple places as they do so.

Year: 2014

Role: Composer