A geo-located interactive composition

I created the Verdun Music-Route using only field-recordings from Wellington Street, transforming the sounds through audio editing and effects to create musical passages. I then mapped the different musical passages to different parts of the street. Using a smartphone to play the piece back, participants can determine how the music unfolds through the pace and direction of their walking, as their latitude/longitude position controls which part of the composition is played. Participants can also use hand and arm gestures to let sounds from their environment mix with the pre-composed elements of the composition, and they can filter those environmental sounds according to musical frequencies. In this way, each participant creates their own (re)mix of the composition and the results can be recorded for future listening.

The music-route was run using the now discontinued app RjDj, which allowed patches made in Pure Data to be played on a smartphone.

Year: 2014

Role: Artist/Composer